Wednesday, January 2, 2013

[PHOTO] thanking gdragon for donating 130102

Thank you G-Dragon for donating and participating on $10miracle to build children's rehabilitation hospital. @Dolcebita cafe

[PHOTO] Gdragons "pet gaho at Dolce Vita" 130102

G-Dragon's pet Gaho surviving winter at Dolce vita.

source: Jinusean's Instagram

[TWITTER] Gdragon "@dolcevita" 130102

[INSTAGRAM] Gdragon "new year bureung bureung"130102

[MUSIC] DJ Masa year mix 2012

Let's look back on an awesome Kpop year,
with DJ Masa's 2012 mix:

Big Bang songs in it:
Bad Boy
Fantastic baby

[awards] Eat Your Kimchi awards 130102

The awards Big Bang won on
the Eat Your Kimchi awards 2012:

* Best video
Fantastic baby

* Best Spudgy look-a-like
Top and GD in Bad boy

* Best outfits in MV

* Best bizarre video
G-Dragon - CrayOn

* Best solo
G-Dragon - That XX

Congratulations Big Bang!!
And thank you Eat Your Kimchi!!

To check out the award show
click on the links below:


Part 2:

[INSTAGRAM] Taeyang 130102